WILTON - The Wilton man who was shot in the face during a struggle over a gun with his wife was ordered to keep away from her in court today.

Police say Charles Garcia and his wife, Michelle, were struggling over a gun in their Grumman Avenue home when the gun went off. Garcia's attorney says his client is lucky to be alive after a bullet went in his jaw and out through his cheek.

According to Garcia's arrest warrant, his wife told police that she had recently filed for divorce. She said he walked into their bedroom, retrieved their son's hunting rifle and then cornered her in a closet. The warrant says he ordered her to turn around and get on her knees, and stated that he was going to kill her and then himself.

Michelle Garcia told police that she reached out and held the end of the gun away so she wouldn't be shot. She says it just went off and her husband was hit, while she suffered less serious injuries.

Charles Garcia's attorney says his client needs several reconstructive surgeries and is at high risk of infection. He asked a judge to lower his bond so he could be treated at hospital. The judge issued a restraining order that requires Garcia to stay away from his wife.