STAMFORD - Stamford police are asking members of the community to keep their eyes open for a dark blue van that was used in the attempted abduction of a 12-year-old boy Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the boy was walking home from his school bus stop when he says a man driving a van passed him, then turned around and followed him while asking him to get inside. The boy then ran home and told his mother, who alerted police.

Police say the boy described the vehicle as a dark blue van with no side or rear windows. There was no roof rack and it had a rear bumper sticker, according to the boy. Investigators say they are still trying to work out all the details.

Authorities do not have a description of the man due to a mask he was wearing over his face. Police are not sure what kind of mask it was, but they plan on gathering more information through interviews.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Stamford Police Department.