STAMFORD - The man who runs a Stamford studio says you can't choreograph how others in the world treat you, but you can come up with moves that shine a spotlight on bullying.

Jimmy Locust, a dancer and the owner of the Locust Performing Arts Center of Stamford, says his purpose took years to realize.

"I saw the bullying epidemic get really huge," he says. "We're losing our kids; our kids are killing themselves."

To combat the issue, Locust started an anti-bullying movement at his studio, where he has teens performing skits around southwestern Connecticut. One scene depicts online users hiding behind anonymous screen names posting nasty words about others.

Standing 4 feet 9 inches, Locust can relate to the hate. He says he's had all sorts of vitriol related to his height thrown his way, but he now believes his height is what helps connects him with young people and sharing his struggle helps them open up.

Locust plans to create a packet so schools all over the world can roll out the nonprofit Harmony Nation anti-bullying program.