BRIDGEPORT - A Waterbury man who stirred controversy in Bridgeport by openly carrying a gun in a Subway restaurant said Sunday he is standing by his actions.

Dontrell Brown, 27, entered the Subway on Jan. 11 wearing an open-holstered handgun.

Brown says he refused to show a police officer his permit because he says he knows the law, and the law does not require him to produce the permit on demand.

Brown says he is always concerned for his personal safety because he has a family to take care of, which is why he obtained a permit and carries his handgun.

He says the restaurant refused to serve him and police asked him to leave.

"The fact that they didn't serve me...I was just appalled," he says.

Police say a person should not be arrested for carrying a handgun in plain sight, but if they don't show a permit when asked, they could be arrested for interfering with police.

Mayor Joe Ganim says the police department's goal is to strike a balance between protecting the public and upholding the rights of individuals.

"Everybody wants to make sure they're doing everything right," he says. "I know that's what the police department is doing."

Brown says he has filed a complaint against the officer who stopped him.

Police say they initially asked to see a permit because of a complaint about the gun from someone who had seen it.