Manny Ramos, a Metro-North engineer trainee accused of committing a lewd act, charged with sexual assault

A Metro-North worker accused of committing a lewd act in front of a female passenger is expected in court today. (2/11/14)

NORWALK - New charges have been filed against the Metro-North employee who allegedly performed a lewd act in front of a female passenger last month.

Manny Ramos, 34, went before a judge this morning and now faces a sexual assault charge, after a pregnant female passenger says he masturbated on her.

The MTA police report says the victim was headed to New Haven and was sleeping on the train when she heard something moving around her and felt something drop on her pants. Police say the victim awoke to find Manny Ramos standing in front of her having just completed masturbating.

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Ramos was on his way to take a test for the Metro-North engineer training program. Metro-North officials say Ramos has been an employee since 2011.

In his statement to police, Ramos said he was feeling stressed and started to have unwanted thoughts and the next thing he knew he was masturbating.

Officials say Ramos exited the train at the Fairfield Station where he was arrested on a nearby street. He has been suspended without pay.

Ramos is out on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to be back in court next month.

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