BRIDGEPORT - Residents of Bridgeport turned out Saturday in the summer heat to promote a fall tradition: School.

Walking through Beardsley Park, parents and teens took part in the first annual March for Education Parade. Promoting education, the marchers say parents and teachers must work together to raise children in the community.

"Stop the labeling of our youth," says Connie Johnson, of Stratford. "If we could only just believe in our youth, that would make a world of difference."

Koneisha Johnson says she was negatively labeled by some, but was able to graduate with honors because someone believed in her abilities.

"Encourage the kids," she says. "Just whisper in their ear because trust me, it'll replay in their head."

The fun-filled day included dancers who entertained the crowd, games, music and refreshments. Participants say education comes in many forms.

"If we instill those values during the younger years, it will go with that child through elementary and even college," says Grace Clark, of Stratford.