BRIDGEPORT - Some residents of the Marina Village housing project in Bridgeport say as their community is set to be demolished, they may be forced to move.

They say housing officials have given them an offer to take their Section 8 vouchers to relocate anywhere in the eastern United States from Boston to Atlanta.

The residents say they are opposed to the idea and don't believe they should be forced to move their families to somewhere they haven't been before.

Housing Advocate Tamala Jones-Walker says the City of Bridgeport needs new public housing, not a plan to relocate its residents.

"It's crazy because they're pushing our people to another state when we need to find out where we can put them in our own state," she says.

News 12 is told about 10 families are considering the relocation offer because they have loved ones in the target areas.

Housing officials did not respond to News 12 's requests for comment.