NORWALK - College interns from the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk are tagging horseshoe crabs to learn more about their population in the Long Island Sound.

The interns are tagging the crabs at spots like Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk.

Joe Schnierlein, a science teacher in the Norwalk Public School system, runs the intern program. He says the purpose of tagging initially started because there was a concern over how many of the horseshoe crabs there actually were in the sound.

The students help out with the tagging to get a better idea of how old the horseshoe crabs are, where they have traveled and whether their population is declining. After the crabs are tagged and recorded, they are released back into the water.

If you happen to come across a horseshoe crab that has been tagged, you can write down the number and report it to the Biology Department at Sacred Heart University or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department.

Tell them as much about the animal as possible, including where you found it, and they will send you a certificate telling you where it was originally tagged.