Marvin Williams accused of trying to burn 13-month-old son in Bridgeport

Police say they arrested Marvin Williams after a neighbor saw what was happening and took the 13-month-old away from him. (3/21/14)

BRIDGEPORT - A 28-year-old father is accused of trying to burn his 13-month-old son.

Marvin Williams, 28, was placed under a $1 million bond this morning. Police say he tried to burn his child with a cigarette lighter in Bridgeport Thursday. The alleged incident happened at Lexington Avenue and Calhoun Street.

Williams is accused of assaulting the child while high on drugs. Surveillance video of the incident appears to show Williams staggering, but it is unclear what happened after.

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Neighbor Maribel Lopez told police she saw the assault. Lopez says she saw Williams pushing the child up against a van and hurting him. Police believe Lopez is a credible witness.

Melissa Garcia, the child's mother and Williams' girlfriend, says the boy was discharged from Bridgeport Hospital Friday afternoon. She says nothing happened to him.

"There's nothing wrong with Elijah, there was no harm done to Elijah, he wasn't burned, he wasn't abused," she says.

Williams' family says he has been addicted to PCP and belongs in a drug treatment program, but that he would never hurt a child.

Police tell News 12 Connecticut that Williams remains in jail Friday evening and is due back in court next month.


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