BRIDGEPORT - Parents and advocates gathered Wednesday evening to discuss a major change in child care eligibility that they say will impact about 4,500 low- to moderate-income families in Connecticut.

Officials say annual household income eligibility will change from about $44,000 a year to about $26,000. Parents who attended the meeting at St. Paul's Child Development Center on Noble Avenue in Bridgeport say they're unsure of how they'll be able to afford child care because of the change to the Care 4 Kids program. State legislators and city officials also attended the meeting.

News 12 is told the changes came to light after a $30 million shortfall in the state's child care subsidy. Officials say the shortfall developed because child care is now being offered for 12 months instead of eight.

Officials say the change which will go into effect July 1. They add that if parents make more than $26,000, their subsidy will be phased out.