DARIEN - Music filled the air today for the annual community celebration and food fair at Tilley Park in Darien.

Darien Emergency Medical Services' Post 53 hosts the event every Memorial Day, and organizers said the tradition is a way to honor men and women who sacrifice their lives for our country. They also said it's a time to connect with the community.

"The whole town comes together to the park and just relaxes and enjoys the holiday and gets to know Post and its members well," said Darien EMS Post 53 president Alex Cohen.

The event also served as a way for members of the community to get to know those who work at Post 53. 

"They get to know us," said Darien EMS Post 53 director Nancy Herling. "They know us in the good times and when they call 911, we're friends to them."

Some residents said the holiday is also a time to appreciate loved ones, celebrate life and learn the importance of giving back.

"It teaches these children to volunteer for the community very similar to how veterans do it for the country," said Sanjay Malhotra, of Darien. "So it's the same spirit. Giving back to the community, giving back to the place where you live and your country as a whole."

This is the 26th year Post 53 has put on this celebration. Organizers said they hope it will build a special relationship with the community.