STAMFORD - Hundreds of mourners gathered at Stark Elementary School in Stamford Saturday morning for a memorial service dedicated to Beverly Eckert, a local 9/11 advocate who lost her life last month in the plane crash outside Buffalo, N.Y.

Eckert, who was known on a national level for her advocacy and work with the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was remembered by the entire Stamford community for her dedication to others. According to friends, Eckert frequently volunteered at local soup kitchens, stuffed envelopes for a community theater and tutored at Stark Elementary School.

?Her enthusiasm was contagious and it was duly recognized, as well as her dedication,? a fellow 9/11 family member says.

Many 9/11 family members attended the memorial to honor Eckert, who was a leading voice among those searching for answers about the terrorist attacks. They believe her work pushed the Bush Administration to form the 9/11 Commission.

?Beverly touched all of us, she touched the nation, I think the world,? a friend says. ?She certainly touched our community and our families.?