FAIRFIELD - A $28 million shortfall for the train station portion of the Metro Center project has left officials banking on help from the government.

Fairfield First Selectman Ken Flatto says the recent economic conditions have placed the project at a standstill. Flatto says when the deal to build the Metro Center was reached, private developers agreed to pay for the train station's parking lot, drainage and environmental cleanup. But when the recession hit, the developers lost their loan.

In addition to the train station, the Metro Center is slated to include store fronts, a hotel and a business complex. According to Flatto, both the Department of Transportation and the governor are on board with getting the money needed to finish the project.

Flatto says the town is expected to know in about a month whether or not the money will come through. He says he is confident the stimulus money will come and that the train station will open as expected in March 2010.