NORWALK - Metro-North says it will resume regular service for Friday following Tuesday’s fire in East Harlem.

Officials say crews have been working around the clock to install six temporary supports so the line can reopen, but that project is labor-intensive.

Meanwhile, New York's fire marshal has ruled the fire an accident.

Some riders say they feel Metro-North did its best with the situation, while others say passengers were left uninformed and stranded. On Wednesday, packed trains were delayed up to an hour and a half.

"Communication in this whole incident has been very, very lax," says Terri Cronin, of the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council. "They said to go to the trains - to subways - to get to other Metro-North stations; there was no communication as to how to get there, where to go afterwards."

Since then, Metro-North has regularly communicated with riders, often directly through social media.

The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council is looking for riders to fill out a survey on their experiences during the limited service.