WESTPORT - Metro-North says investigators found no evidence a train struck a woman in Westport, whose body was found last week.

Police pulled the body of Annette White from the Saugatuck River on Friday after duck hunters made the discovery. Police believe White was hit by a train Thursday and thrown into the water.

Police say video and witnesses confirmed that the train stopped for about 20 minutes after the incident before continuing.

Metro-North says, "The train crew reported to Metro-North Rail Traffic Control that they believed they had struck something on the tracks. Following regular protocol, the crew had immediately stopped the train and, after reporting a possible strike, searched the area for approximately 20-30 minutes, but did not find anything."

Metro-North says the crew found minor damage to the lead car, but no evidence the train had struck a person so they thought they had hit debris.

Investigators say the train was later inspected by mechanics who found no evidence that it was a person that had been stuck.

Both police and Metro-North say the investigation is continuing.