MILFORD - State officials and local leaders gathered in Milford Monday night to discuss the heroin problem in the community.

Milford Prevention Council's program director Wendy Gibbons says the number of heroin-related deaths has increased by 27 percent in the state.

State Rep. Pam Staneski says 11 people died in Milford last year due to opioid overdoses, and that two people have already died this year because of heroin overdoses.

Officials planned to discuss ways to decrease those numbers at City Hall. They say it's important to educate parents, especially when it comes to using prescription pills.

Gibbons says prescription drug abuse often leads to heroin addiction.

"Some people…we've lost here in Milford started with prescription drugs after an injury…or a surgery that they've had -- and then developed a heroin addiction and an overdose," Gibbons said. "So, we would like to see these things prevented."

Officials say they'll also be talking about passing legislation to fight the problem.