MILFORD - A Milford family is committed to building a boundless playground in their hometown that will allow children of all shapes and abilities to have fun.

Boundless playgrounds are specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. The Vaccinos were inspired to build a local one for their son Johnny, who lives with cerebral palsy.

"He's five and he's full of light," says John Vaccino, the boy's father. "He's excited about life, but yet there's this other piece that limits him ? as much as we would try to pick him up out of his chair or to manually bring him to some of these apparatus, it was very hard and it was disappointing to him."

The playground will be called Bodie's Place, after a nickname for Johnny. They got the inspiration for the project after discovering Hannah's Dream in New Haven.

The Vaccinos are in the fundraising stage and need an additional $400,000 to build the playground. The project received a state grant earlier this year, and the city has selected a location at Eisenhower Park for the playground.

The family hopes to be able to break ground within two years.

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