MILFORD - A carnival held at Milford's Walnut Beach Saturday will benefit a fundraiser created in honor of Maren Sanchez.

As News 12 has reported, police say 16-year-old Sanchez was stabbed to death by a classmate at Jonathan Law High School in April.

In the wake of the teen's death, friends and family created the Maren Sanchez Memorial Trust Fund. All of the proceeds from today's events will go to the trust fund.

The idea for the carnival came from Shawn Welch, a Milford resident who was deeply affected by the tragedy at the school. Welche's niece was a teacher at Jonathan Law, and Maren Sanchez had been once of her students.

Welche says he hopes that when people hear Sanchez's name, they will think of how she lived, and not how she died. "Beautiful games, beautiful rides, what more could you ask for for the celebration of somebody's life?" he said.