MILFORD - A Milford cemetery has been removing items left on gravestones. 

St. Mary Cemetery Supervisor Bob Lynch says items such as small statues and decorative rocks on gravesites were removed because they pose a hazard to workers and damage other stones. He says he posted pictures of the items on Facebook for loved ones to claim.

"The cemetery is open 24 hours so we cannot police it nor do we have the facilities to store all these items," Lynch says. "That's why when we posted these new rules and regulations, we gave them almost four months to get their items removed." 

Lynch says one of his workers was hit in the throat with a decorated rock that was propelled from a mower. He says the church posted signs in March about the new rules, advising loved ones that those kinds of items would have to be removed in a timely manner.

The church says an additional grace period of two weeks was allowed for loved ones to remove items. They say everything of value has been put into a pile for loved ones to come and take back.