MILFORD - Ugly graffiti in Milford has caused some city leaders to go after the state to clean it up.

A recent ordinance passed in the city states that if someone vandalizes property, the property owner is responsible for cleaning it up.

Graffiti at one particular piece of property, the Old Gate Lane underpass, has prompted Milford officials to demand action from the state Department of Transportation. City leaders say the state owns the property, so it is responsible for cleaning it.

Milford Mayor Jim Richitelli says his office is on the phone with managers from the DOT nearly every day. Richitelli says the requests are being ignored, and there will be consequences.

"We would clean it ourselves and bill the state for the cost of it and whether they pay or not -- we hope it doesn't come to that," Richitelli says.

A DOT spokesperson says the department will clean up the underpass as soon as resources become available.