MILFORD - A public admission Monday from Milford Mayor Jim Richetelli that he was dependent on prescription drugs for anxiety and was in treatment for the past 30 days. Richetelli says he started taking prescription medication for his anxiety about two years ago, but crossed a line about six months ago into dependency. ?Simply, as time progressed, I began to take more of the medication than prescribed,? says Richetelli. Richetelli abruptly left on Jan. 17 for the Father Martin's Ashley Treatment Center in Maryland, but he is now back, full time, as the mayor of Milford. ?There is help out there. And there are real healthy alternatives to dependency,? says Richetelli. ?Others were there for me and I would now like to be there for others.? Richetelli says the problem was just with the prescription drugs, not alcohol or any other substance. He's been mayor for seven years and is up for re-election this fall but would not say what impact this would have on his decision to run again.

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