NORWALK - A Milford school official's Halloween decorations are drawing criticism from some of the town's political leaders. Milford school board member Tracey Casey, a Democrat, has bedecked her front lawn with two wooden tombstones, one marked with the name Fred, the other with Jim. But local Republican officials say they are disrespectful to former Mayor Fred Lisman and current Mayor Jim Richetelli. Milford's Republican Town Committee Chairman Tom Jagodzinski says he finds the decorations shameful, as do several residents. "A number of people have come to me, and they really find these tombstones offensive," he says. Casey, who is running for a third term on the town's school board, says she has put the same tombstones on her front lawn since 1999. She says the recent complaints are likely politically motivated, and that she means no harm to any former leaders. She also says she does not plan to remove them from her lawn.