MILFORD - A group of parents from Milford is calling on the city's school board to revise a policy that would make their kids walk over a mile to school.

Law and Foran high schools, along with three middle schools, are part of the policy revision.

As News 12 Connecticut previously reported, the school board recently notified almost 200 parents that their children would no longer qualify for bus service beginning this fall.

The policy calls for middle school students who live within one and a half miles from school and high school students who live 2 miles not to get busing.

District officials told News 12 there are already 1,500 students who live within that radius that aren't getting bused. They say busing another 180 students within the same distance is unfair.  

Parents affected by the policy say the sidewalks are too narrow and traffic is too heavy for children walking to school.

District officials say the routes are safe and they're working according to state guidelines.