MILFORD - Milford Police Marine Unit combed city beaches Thursday after a 8-year-old girl was pricked by a hypodermic syringe she found in the sand earlier this week.

The girl, who found the hypodermic needle on Wildermere Beach Tuesday, was taken to Milford Hospital, where she was treated and released.

Police, fire and health departments sourced the beach and found four more needles. Over the past two days, however, no more syringes were discovered.

Mayor Jim Richetelli says the needles appear to be from improperly disposed medical waste and are an isolated incident.

?At this point, we've cleaned the beaches as best as they can be cleaned,? Richetelli says. ?We haven't found anything more or new ? people haven't reported anything more to us.?

According to Milford police, they received calls about two other syringes that had been found and discarded prior to Tuesday?s incident.