MILFORD - Milford police are urging residents to be alert this evening after they say a woman was sexually assaulted while jogging along the shoreline. Police say the victim was running Friday night on Morningside Drive near Dock Road when the suspect allegedly grabbed her, forced her down a staircase that leads to the water and assaulted her. They say she was able to break free and make her way up the stairs to call police. Residents say they are surprised by the incident, and that they learned of it through a neighborhood association email. "We always feel so safe in our own community," says resident Marie Amato. "It's not like it's a gated community or anything, but it's sort of isolated with only two entrances." Police have described the suspect as a muscular, white male in his 30s. They say he was wearing a dark sweatshirt, blue jeans and a black cap at the time. Anyone with information should call Milford police at (203) 878-6551.