MILFORD - Residents in a quiet Milford neighborhood are concerned after a pack of coyote attacked and killed a small dog over the weekend.

The attack took place on Todd Drive. Howard Eckenrode let his dog, a beagle-terrier mix, outside on Sunday morning. Neighbors say that his daughter was on the porch and saw the coyote that attacked the animal.

"The dog was on the back porch," Eckenrode says. "He started barking quite loudly and the cat would not go off the porch when she saw what she said was a fox and by the size of it would appear to be a coyote."

Eckenrode says that the dog died shortly after he rushed her to emergency surgery. The shocked owner of the pet says that he doesn't want his neighbors to have to face the tragic loss of a pet.

The director of Milford Animal Control says the attack serves as a warning to owners to keep small pets indoors. The director also added that it is important to keep pet food, garbage and anything else coyotes might eat inside.