MILFORD - The Milford Board of Aldermen voted to get rid of the assistant city planner position, and Milford residents are rallying to reverse the move.

Critics say a game of politics got the best of city government and that it's a big mistake.

They say current Assistant City Planner Emmeline Harrigan helped them cut through red tape after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the shoreline and gutted their homes.

Residents do not think that there's another person at City Hall who is qualified to fill Harrigan's shoes once she leaves.

A lot of work still needs to be done as well, as some houses are still being rebuilt and others haven't even begun their work. A lot of it has to do with FEMA regulations, town zoning ordinances, and other rules and regulations.

The Board of Aldermen cites budget cuts as the reason behind its decision. The job would be cut beginning with next year's budget.

Residents say that they are trying to reverse the board's decision and are circulating a petition to prove their point.