MILFORD - The cost for parking illegally in the city of Milford has just gotten a bit more expensive.

Earlier this week, the city's police commission agreed to increase fines for parking illegally from $5 to $10. Business owners in downtown Milford hope the bump in price will deter drivers from parking in front of their stores for extended periods of time.

Mayor Jim Ritchetelli says the increase in parking fines needed to be done. "We want to have a proper deterrent so we felt that raising it from $5 to $10 is not unreasonable in light of the fact that it's been several decades since the fines have been raised," says Richetelli.

In addition to downtown Milford, drivers at the train station will be facing tougher fines. Henry Jadach, executive director of the Milford Transit District, says fines for cars parked illegally at the station went from $10 to $25.