NORWALK - Norwalk is the latest municipality in southwestern Connecticut to announce it needs to eliminate jobs to deal with budget concerns.

Mayor Dick Moccia says he is keeping his promise to not cut any jobs this year, but that 30 positions need to be eliminated for the fiscal year starting July 1. According to Moccia, 10 vacant positions will not be filled and an additionally 20 will hopefully come from early retirements.

Proposed job cuts include clerical positions at city hall, three public library jobs, five health department positions and eight with the Department of Public Works.

?I don't want to lay anybody off ? I don't think any mayor does,? says Moccia. ?I've tossed and turned on this a lot. We've cut every place we can. We're just hoping to work with them.?

The job cuts will save a little more than $2 million in salaries and benefits, but a $4 million hole will still remain in the budget after the eliminations. In addition to the cuts, Moccia says he may still need to ask unions for concessions.