GREENWICH - There are new developments Thursday in the ongoing mold saga at a Greenwich school.The Greenwich Post reports that samples from Hamilton Avenue School, obtained by the paper and submitted to a lab, tested positive for mold. The Greenwich Post reports the mold is located in the basement where the original foundation is exposed. Mold problems have plagued Hamilton Avenue students for months. Before construction on the new school began, mold damage was found on the old building. Then, the modular classrooms used by students during construction were discovered to have mold issues last spring. The chairman of the school's building committee says he wasn't aware of this latest test. ?Number one, I don't even know how anyone got in there and took samples,? says Building Committee Chairman Frank Mazzo. ??I don't know what they're trying to prove, but at this point we're just leaving it up to the board of education and their hygienists.? Meanwhile, the school district's spokesperson says once construction is complete and the school is handed back over to the district it will complete environmental testing.