BRIDGEPORT - A Trumbull hockey mom has been barred from her son?s rink and faces charges after allegedly hitting her son?s opponent.

The incident reportedly happened Saturday morning during a game at Wonderland of Ice in Bridgeport. Madeline Fromageot says she only confronted the other player to keep her son from getting hurt. She says she never physically touched the child.

Fromageot claims an older, more aggressive 10-year-old child on the opposing team kept hitting her 7-year-old son with his stick. She says when nothing was done to stop the situation, she went to confront the child.

?I went to him, right in front of his face, in front of his mask and said, ?You stop hitting my child,?? Fromageot says.

Fromageot says while she only confronted the 10-year-old, the child?s mother accused her of hitting him.

After the game, Bridgeport police met with the two mothers. Fromageot was charged with breach of peace and is due in court March 5. The executive director of Wonderland of Ice says her establishment has a zero-tolerance policy on violence.