STAMFORD - Work has once again been stopped on some of the floors at the Trump Parc construction site in Stamford Monday due to falling debris.

The work stoppage comes after a nearly 6-foot-long piece of wood fell from the 27th floor and hit a mail truck sitting at a red light Saturday. While Mayor Dan Malloy says construction can continue on the 23rd, 24th and 25th floors, there will be no work done above those floors.

The incident is the fourth of its kind in four months. The first incident took place in May, when a piece of metal fell 25 stories onto the roof of a water delivery truck. Two week later, a small piece of debris smashed the roof of a car when it fell from the 29th floor. In July, a 3-inch piece of metal shattered a window at UConn Stamford across the street from the site.

The third incident prompted the shutdown of construction and an inspection of the building. However, Malloy feels more should be done to prevent further incidents.

Malloy is calling on the owner of the construction company to take personal responsibility. He also wants floor-to-ceiling netting installed in areas that aren't fully enclosed and for every piece of material and tool to be tied down.

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