STAMFORD - A family of three was taken to the hospital after a collision Sunday in Stamford.

?It was just loud. No screeching tires or anything just a big bang,? says Szymon Skiendzimal, who witnessed the accident.

Skiendzimal says he then went outside and saw that a minivan and sport utility vehicle had crashed at the intersection of Hubbard Avenue and West North Street.

Police say a mother, her 3-month-old child and the driver of the minivan ? who is believed to be the baby's father - were rushed to the hospital.

According to police the accident happened after the minivan ran through a red light.

The mother and child, who were in the rear seat of the vehicle, were both ejected out of the side passenger door at the back of the minivan.

A witness to the accident says it did not appear they were not wearing seat belts. The baby is now in stable condition, while police said the mother suffered more serious injuries and is in intensive care.

The intersection of Hubbard Avenue and West North Street has been reopened to traffic.