STAMFORD - Funeral services were held Wednesday for Jonathan Green, the 26-year-old Stamford man who was shot and killed last week.

The funeral was held at his family?s church, Community Tabernacle, where Bishop Michael Densmore led a thoughtful and emotional prayer to remember Green, consoled family members and friends and allowed them to pay their last respects.

?Our whole community is in mourning,? Bishop Densmore says.

Green?s body was found behind a house on Garden Street exactly a week ago. His mother and sister, who were obviously devastated at Wednesday?s services, along with his other family members and friends, are hoping police will determine who murdered him and why. The Stamford PD says it is making progress in the investigation, though it doesn?t have any major developments to report.

?I just don't understand why someone would hunt him down and shoot him like that and leave him to die like that,? says Monique Hodge, friend and resident of Stamford. ?Jonathan was such a good kid. He will never be forgotten, ever, by his family, by his friends.?