STAMFORD - The Skakel and Moxley families were inside a crowded courtroom today as the judge set bail for Michael Skakel.

Skakel was freed on a $1.2 million bond while he awaits a new trial in the Greenwich killing of Martha Moxley when they were both 15.

Dorothy Moxley, the mother of the victim, says she's disappointed the judge let Skakel out on bond.

The Moxley family says they feel confident that the prosecution will win the appeal and the ruling for a new trial will be overturned.

"This is the first step in correcting a terrible wrong. We look forward to Michael being vindicated and justice finally being served. We are thankful to God that after 11 and one-half years he will be reunited with his son. We are grateful for the love and prayers of Michael's many supporters who have sustained him through this ordeal," said the Skakel family in a statement after the hearing.