STAMFORD - A business that has been a part of the Glenbrook section of Stamford for decades is closing its doors.

Mr. C's Fix Up, a handyman and repair shop owned by Edward Caseres, has been a fixture on Hope Street for the past 25 years. Caseres and his wife, Lydia have been repairing everything from furniture to figurines and selling items in their shop.

Caseres is not selling the beloved store for financial reasons, but because he says he was diagnosed with cancer. He says despite a steady stream of customer demand, it's time to close the business.

However, before he does, Caseres says he's selling off his entire inventory.

The professional handyman says that he and Lydia sort of fell into the business. The duo says they arrived in Stamford from Argentina 45 years ago and discovered that they had a knack for repairing second-hand furniture and appliances while cobbling together their young family's first apartment.

They say they've put a lot of work into their merchandise, and that they have become attached to some of their items.

"The only thing I'm concerned with is that someday this cancer will become more aggressive," says Caseres. "I don't want to leave my wife with all of this."

Even after the store closes, Caseres says he plans to continue with his handyman services for as long as he can in his own home.

He says the store will remain open for the next three to six months.