SHELTON - Shelton police are baffled as they work to identify a woman found wandering the streets with a Mother's Day card in hand.

The woman has been held at Griffin Hospital in Derby since being picked up. Authorities say she is either unable or unwilling to identify herself.

According to police, the woman flagged down officers at the intersection of Bridgeport Avenue and Nells Rock Road around 1 a.m. Thursday. They say after they stopped the woman held her stomach and said the word "sick."

The only clues police have to the mystery woman's identity are photographs of two children she was carrying and a signature on the card reading "Love Keegan."

Police have tried to talk to her in nearly 10 languages, but say she has only replied with a few words. Those responses have been spoken with an Eastern European accent.

Police planned on fingerprinting her Monday. If a match does not come up, they say they're not totally sure how to move forward.

Anyone with information on the woman's identity is asked to contact Shelton police at 203-924-1544.