DANBURY - A Danbury woman said Monday she is proud of her friend for speaking out after being harassed in a Wal-Mart bathroom.

Rebecca Murray says her friend, who believes she was verbally attacked after being mistaken for transgender, posted a video on Facebook about the incident.

In the video posted on Friday, Naugatuck resident Aimee Toms says a woman called her "disgusting" and told her to leave the bathroom.

Since it was posted on Friday, the video has been viewed by thousands of people.

Toms says she believes the woman thought she was transgender because she had a pixie haircut and was wearing a baseball cap.

She says believes the incident may have been sparked by the controversy surrounding North Carolina's new law stating transgender people must use the bathroom of their gender at birth.

Murray says Toms did the right thing by talking about the topic on Facebook. She says having an open dialogue is the best way to get rid some of the misconceptions people have about the issue.

"The fact that her words are getting out there and people are listening is great," she says. "I hope that eventually, people will start listening to people that this movement is centered around."