FAIRFIELD - A puppy that was the victim of neglect in Georgia, is now the object of love and attention at Fairfield University.

Carole Ann Pomarico, professor at Fairfield University's Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies, rescued Dakota from the shelter, where she was scheduled to be euthanized.

The 2-year-old Border Collie mix started coming in to work with Pomarico two days a week at the beginning of the school year.

"Every time I turned around, students were at my door saying 'Is Dakota in?'  And I said, well, we better make it more hours," said Pomarico.

Dakota is now a registered emotional comfort dog, and visits the school five afternoons a week, offering a little companionship and a lot of affection to almost anyone who crosses her path.

Students in other departments on campus are now scheduling office time just to spend time with Dakota.

Sophmore Brooke Stampfl says nursing school is demanding, but sometimes she's just homesick for her own dogs back in Massachusetts.

"To come here and sit with her, and pet her, kind of reminds me of home. So, that's the way it helps me," she says.