NORWALK - Neighbors in Norwalk say they're concerned after a string of car burglaries in their neighborhood.

Norwalk police say thieves targeted 13 cars in the neighborhood early Monday morning.

They say the thieves are taking anything they can get their hands on. In many instances, the cars were unlocked.

Police say more than a dozen cars were ransacked on Saddle Road, Friendly Road, Fullin Court and Cider Lane.

Police say people should be sure to completely close their car windows and lock their doors. They say drivers should keep all valuables out of sight or keep them locked in the trunk. Drivers are also urged to park their cars in a secure or well-lit area, where the owner or neighbors can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

They say this string of burglaries is an example of a growing crime trend that has been difficult for officers to curb.

"The individuals we've arrested are responsible for numerous burglaries in Norwalk and in Fairfield County," says Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake. "However, there seems to be no shortage of folks to take their place."

Police are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious to give them a call.