FAIRFIELD - The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced today that there will be new taxi service in Fairfield starting tomorrow.

Earlier this month, the Fairfield Cab Company was given until Feb. 29 to find a buyer and transfer service after failing repeated inspections, and after several drivers were convicted of crimes while on the job.

Michael Sanders, of the DOT, says the company is expected to provide state officials with sale and transfer papers tomorrow that will permit the Bridgeport-based Yellow Cab Company to take over service in Fairfield.

While the Fairfield Cab Company currently has reserved parking at the downtown train station, First Selectman Michael Tetreau says the spaces will go back for bid.

"We are looking for cab coverage, but we are also looking for a presence at the train station for 24 hours a day," Tetreau says.

Tetreau says the new cab company will be allowed to line up at the station until the parking spots are rented out.