NORWALK - A New Fairfield man faced a judge after being arrested for allegedly making and selling illegal weapons out of his home.

Michael Giannone was arraigned Tuesday in Danbury on several firearms-related charges.

State police began their extensive investigation into Giannone months ago. He was first arrested in March after police say he had a loaded gun on him while dropping his 9-year-old son off at school.

A search of Ginannone's home and shed turned up 59 completed firearms, some illegal. That includes nine unregistered assault rifles with no serial numbers. Police say they also found more than 10,000 rounds of live ammunition, illegal assault weapon parts, illegal high-capacity magazines, one rifle with an illegal silencer and two additional silencers.

According to the arrest warrant, Giannone told police he sold weapons because he needed money. Police say he sold an AR-15 rifle to an undercover detective and a drug dealer from Bridgeport.

Police say their search also turned up business cards for Giannone, which in part read, "All your AR needs: no names, no numbers, no witnesses."