STRATFORD -   A Stratford man is one of the first to benefit from high-resolution technology only available inside 20 operating rooms in the country, one of which is at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven.

John Bludevich, 42, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and just underwent intensive surgery.

Dr. Joseph Piepmeier and his neurosurgery team say they used a new cancer-seeking i-MRI (interoperative magnetic resonance imaging machine) to make sure they got it all while Bludevich was still on the operating table.

Piepmeier says the new technology is helpful because one subtle move in the wrong direction could cost Bludevich vital brain function or kill him.

Since that operation, Bludevich says an imaging test shows he has some new signs of cancer cell growth in his brain.  However, he says he intends to fight the cancer as long as he can.