GREENWICH - Newly released information Monday sheds light on the 4-year-old case of Greenwich resident George Smith?s death aboard his honeymoon cruise.

Jennifer Hagel, Smith?s widow, reached a $1 million settlement with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line after his death. For five days in court last March, there was testimony that included questions about whether Hagel had a motive to try to reach a quick settlement.

Smith?s parents? attorney says there were witnesses on the ship that saw Hagel drink excessively, adding, "They have described her conduct as flirting with other men. Numerous independent witnesses thereafter saw her kick her husband in the crotch and say some very nasty things to him.?

Maritime lawyer James Walker, who was once hired by Hagel, believes Smith?s death was no accident. ?I think there was foul play. I've always thought that."

The probate court did not throw out the settlement between Hagel and the cruise line. Smith's parents are appealing that decision, and do not believe their son was killed by Hagel, but Hagel released a statement on Monday saying Smith's parents have made her the personal target of their anger and grief for the death of their son.

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