NEWTOWN - The new Sandy Hook Elementary School opened to the public Friday evening, nearly four years after the Newtown school massacre.

The new school is on the same site as the old school, but is located further back on the property.

School officials say students, parents, community members and first responders were all part of the design process for the new building.

They say they wanted it to honor every victim of the 2012 tragedy.

Officials say even though the new Sandy Hook Elementary School building was born from tragedy, they want it to be a place of laughter and learning that inspires kindness.

Jay Brotman, who helped design the new school, says it has bulletproof glass and security cameras throughout.

"There are various elements of the building that are hard and beyond what would have been and what we would have done 10 years ago," says Brotman.

Officials say there are about 70 students who were at the school in 2012 who will be attending the new school.

The school's superintendent says those students are still recovering in their own ways and school officials will continue to help them moving forward.

According to officials, the $50 million cost for the new school was paid for by the state.