BRIDGEPORT - A new report shows that homelessness is on the rise for some of the state's most vulnerable residents.

Recent data shows that while homelessness among veterans and the adult population has decreased, homelessness among children is increasing.

Many advocates for the homeless say homeless teens without parents are underrepresented in the data because they are hard to find.

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Oakes, of Bridgeport, says he can't make enough money on minimum wage to pay for college or an apartment. He says he, his four siblings and his father have been homeless for years since their mother left them. His brother, Nathan, says he worries he also won't find success because he is unable to focus on his homework as he and his family moves from shelter to shelter.

Experts say they call homeless teens without parents "couch surfers" because they go from house to house, living on couches and trying to make it through the day.