NEW YORK, NY - News 12 Connecticut collected six Emmy Awards at last night's 54th Annual New York Emmy Awards.

Here is the list of winners:

MORNING NEWSCASTBridgeport FBI Raid. May 4, 2010. - Tom Appleby, News Director; Dave Feuerman, Assistant News Director;Amy Packham, Executive Producer; Richard Stabile, Producer; Louis Matarazzo, Director; Heather Kovar, Amelie Wilson, Anchors

BREAKING NEWS STORYFirefighters Killed. July 24, 2010. - Mark Repasky, Reporter; Mark Sogofsky, David Pickering, Photographers.

RELIGION: PROGRAM FEATURE/SEGMENTSeeking Salvation. August 18, 2010. - Kristi Olds, Reporter; Jim Mennino, Photographer.

PUBLIC/CURRENT/COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: SINGLE STORYLegacy League. October 22, 2009. - Kristi Olds, Reporter; Christopher Wood, Photographer.

WRITER: SHORT FORMAndrea Cyr. July 27, 2010. - "Patrick's Mission."

LIGHTINGRobert Cook. December 29, 2009. - "Carlos."