FAIRFIELD - A watchmaker in Fairfield had social media sites abuzz Friday after posting a love letter one of its customers sent to her Army boyfriend along with a new watch.

NFW Watches offers a special watch commemorating the former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who was gunned down at a shooting range by a veteran he'd volunteered to mentor. Only 150 watches were made for 2015.

Mia Ali, of Switzerland, bought one for her boyfriend, a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. With it, she included a note thanking him for his service and his love.

NFW Watches president George Fox says he was so impressed by Ali's letter that he asked for her permission to post the note online, where it received lots of attention.

A customer in Singapore read it and was so moved by the letter he paid NFW for Ali's watch.

In turn, Ali says she will donate the cost of the watch to the Chris Kyle Foundation.