STAMFORD - Not able to work out a labor deal, the city of Stamford will separate paid and volunteer firefighters in the Turn of the River District starting Tuesday.

The city has set up a trailer for paid firefighters at 28 Vine Rd. The trailer will cost taxpayers $1,500 a month and includes an office, kitchen and beds for firefighters to sleep during their 24-hour shifts.

Stamford's fire chief says even though the firefighters are being split up, public safety will not be compromised.

"There's safety in numbers," says Stamford Chief Robert McGrath.

McGrath says the deal he was hoping for would have saved the city $120,000 per year. Turn of the River volunteer firefighters say that number is overinflated.

The sticking points between the two sides include staffing, equipment and who's in charge when a senior officer is not on the scene.