NORWALK - The Mid-Fairfield Aids Project in Norwalk is a nonprofit that is changing the lives of people living with Hepatitis C.

"Hepatitis C afflicts around 7 million Americans whereas HIV is 1 million Americans," says Stuart Lane, executive director of MFAP. "It's a number most people are shocked by."

Hepatitis C is a virus typically spread through direct contact with the blood of someone who is infected. It affects the liver.

Lane says the prognosis for someone with Hepatitis C changed dramatically last year, because of new drugs on the market that can eradicate the virus.

"That was a tremendously amazing thing that happened," says Lane, who was Hepatitis C positive for 33 years.

Lane says the virus was undetectable in his blood just three weeks after starting treatment. He is now considered cured, and is sharing his story to make others affected by Hepatitis C aware of the possibilities.

MFAP plans to launch a public service campaign in the next few weeks to raise awareness about Hepatitis C.